Upcoming New Year's ONLINE Retreat

ONLINE Retreat
Jan 4, 2015
11am-4pm PST

If you have been following along with White Conch & Skull Cup all year, or if you have joined recently and would like to "level up" with a solid day of explanation and practice, please attend the ONLINE White Conch & Skull Cup Retreat on Jan 4 from 11 am-4pm. 

During this retreat, I will be sharing the secret meanings of the White Conch & Skull Cup Practice. We have thus far studied the Outer Meanings in the performance of the ritual, and the Inner Meanings are likely beginning to reveal themselves in your lives. On Jan 4, we will explore the secret structures that underpin this sadhana, and prepare to begin the Level 2 work.

Individuals who have completed Level 1 and/or attended this retreat will be eligible to continue to Level 2, which will be private teachings.

Please email yesherabbit@gmail.com to sign up.

Donations gratefully accepted.