Green Tara for Assistance

The Pagan community is attempting to delve into the serious issue of sexual predation, particularly upon women and children, in our community. This issue is so painful, so triggering, so taboo, and so loaded that people often just look away from it or ignore it. Thus, suffering multiplies and continues to worsen, and the wound just gets deeper.

Green Tara is a Buddhist deity who is depicted with her right foot outstretched, ready to leap into action to aid in the cessation of suffering. She is a protector of those who are hurting, and comes to their aid.

One of the Dharma Pagans in this sangha, Erick DuPree, and I were taking about what might be helpful for us to do as an offering, ritually, to assist our community in its discernment process about what will and will not be tolerated, and how we will refine ways of handling situations that arise, as well as creating systems for better prevention of predatory behavior. Green Tara came to mind as a deity who might be able to offer the kind of help that is needed when so many are hurting.

And so this month, as part of our practice, we are chanting to Green Tara for aid and assistance for the Pagan community in this matter. 108 recitations of her mantra per day is the ideal, but any number is beneficial. Please be welcome to join us.

The mantra for Green Tara is: