Dharma Pagan Online Retreat Tomorrow 1/4/15: SPACE

Tomorrow, members of the Tea & Chanting Sangha and any other interested parties who wish to attend will be gathering for the first of our 5 Element Dharma Pagan Retreats this year.

We will be gathering from 11 am-4pm PST online via this link. The practice text that you will need for tomorrow is linked below.

The Retreat Day Agenda will be:
11am-1pm PST: White Conch & Skull Cup practice with extended Deity Yoga

1 pm - 2 pm PST: lunch and Sangha socializing (bring your own lunch to your desk)
Our theme is SPACE.
How can we make space in our lives for practice?
How can we cultivate spaciousness within our practice?

2-3 pm PST: Planning and discussion of remaining Elemental Retreats in 2015.

3-4 pm PST: our second White Conch & Skull Cup practice