Water & Earth Dakini Retreats

The Sky Dancer Sangha will be hosting 2 more retreats this year, our Water Dakini Retreat on Nov. 29, and our Earth Dakini Retreat on Dec. 20, 2015.

During our Water Dakini Retreat we will visit the ocean and perform meditations to White Tara, and also perform ritual purifications.

During our Earth Dakini Retreat we will be making dough offerings for our altars and honoring Green Tara.

Each of these retreats will take place at a private home in Alameda, CA, and we will also be live streaming online. Donations of $50-100 gratefully accepted for each retreat, no one turned away for lack of funds. To register and receive more information, please email yesherabbit(at)gmail(dot)com

May all beings be happy!

Upcoming Water Dakini Retreat 2015

Our Fire Dakini Retreat on June 21 was a sparking day of transformation. We used the tinder of our past pains, regrets, and burdens to kindle a fire into which we fed offerings to bring blessings of well-being on the whole Earth. We incinerated the karmas that have held us back and courageously embraced new ways of thinking as we worked with Vajrasattva and Vajrayogini. It was a smokin' hot day in more ways than one!

Our Water Dakini Retreat is tentatively scheduled for Sept or Oct. We will be doing a Beach Clean-Up in the morning, and compassion workings in the afternoon. Hands-on dharma!

Fire Dakini Retreat 6/21/15

All are welcome, near and far, to join our Sangha for our

Fire Retreat
10 am-4 pm PST
private home address given or video conference link will be sent to you upon registration
Donations gratefully accepted

As we journey through the Elements in our retreats this year, Space gives us room to practice, Air gives us time to write and be creative. Next up, Fire gives us a chance to transform.

We will begin the day with a Riwo Sangchöd, the Tibetan morning fire offering ceremony that clears obstacles and invites the blessings of the deities upon the mandala of our day. Following that, we will have a teaching on Vajrasattva, the deity of purification who removes negative karma, and perform Vajrasattva's 100-syllable mantra. Those in person are invited to bring papers upon which you have written any karmic challenges you face or obscurations you might be having a hard time clearing, and those at a distance are invited to email them to me and I will print them out to burn for you. My email is yesherabbit (at) gmail (dot) com.

Following that, we will have lunch, and over lunch we will discuss the ways in which passion is a gift of fire in our lives and practices.

After lunch, we will learn about Vajrayogini, the fire goddess associated with our Sangha's mandala, and about the Tantric goddess Kali as a fiery force of transformation. Kali is sometimes associated with Vajrayogini. Following our discussion we will have a another fire ceremony. More details on that are coming soon!

To register for the Fire Dakini Retreat, you may drop me an email at yesherabbit (at)gmail (dot) com and let me know if you will be attending locally or from a distance.

Writing from Spirit Retreat 4/4/15

Up next in our 2015 Retreat Schedule, we explore the element of Air. We will gather at 11 am PST in person in Alameda and online across the country to invoke the dakinis of the Air element into our bodies and minds with a combination of chanting, meditation, and guided writing exercises. Here is the schedule of our day:

10:45 am PST: Gather locally and online
11: first chanting session
11.30: first writing exercise
 12 noon PST: lunch (bring your own and we will eat together while discussing Writing as a Spiritual Process)
1: second chanting session
1.30: second writing session
2: Guided Meditation
2.30: third chanting session
3: third writing session
3.30: final chanting session and wrap-up

We will be doing several different pieces of sacred writing on this day, and calling upon the meditational deities Padmasambhava and Yeshe Tsogyal to inspire us with clarity, skill, and power of the word in service to the highest benefit of all beings.

Suggested dana: $50-100, no one turned away for lack of funds.

Please contact Yeshe if you would like to attend: yesherabbit@gmail.com